BBCAN Grand is Revealed!

Although what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, what happens in the Big Brother Canada house is for the whole country to see! Welcome to the BBCAN GRAND – the newly revamped, Las Vegas-inspired Big Brother Canada house. Lavish and glamorous, the BBCAN GRAND raises the stakes having been completely transformed into a swanky residence with a high-roller Vegas theme.

Sporting a vibrant colour scheme, splashy décor, and extravagant rooms, the Season 4 houseguests have struck it lucky with this year’s glitzy accommodations, including a disco-themed hot tub area; an indoor pool; the most extravagant Head of Household room ever; and two impeccably appointed bedrooms – perfect for late night alliance strategy sessions or getting cozy with a showmance. The BBCAN GRAND is completely furnished by The Brick.

The BBCGrand boasts:

75 Microphones
98 Cameras
9,000 4-LED light bulbs
11,000 combined ft of structural beams
15,000 ft of fibre
35,000 ft of camera cables
200,000 ft of video cable
200,000 individual LED lights

Let’s look at the BBCAN GRAND in more detail.


Head of Household Room, HOH, BBCAN4, Big Brother CanadaThe head of household room is dubbed “The Penthouse Suite” for season 4 of Big Brother Canada and is a luxurious, exquisite room to relax and strategize for whomever wins this luxury. Decorated in silvers and indigo it definitely has a decadent feel.


BBCAN4-BBCAN4House-Upstairs Panoramic-big brother canadaUpstairs the houseguests have plenty of room to lounge and scheme while keeping an eye on activities below. The HOH room doors are to your left and the bathroom entrance is to your right. The entire house is intricately detailed.


bbcan4-dining room table-big brother canada-entrance to poolThe dining room table is set next to a NEW side entrance that leads to the pool area, a change made for the 4th season of Big Brother Canada. Hopefully there are some good cooks in the house so they can enjoy a few “family meals” and we can enjoy the social dynamics on the live feeds.



bbcan4-kitchen-big brother canada

The kitchen is decorated in indigo and gold with a circular counter top with ample room for groups to gather and chat. The house is fully equipped for the houseguests convenience, including a dishwasher so all they need to do is load and wash meaning more time to game. The door off to the side is the storage room entrance.


bbcan4-living room-big brother canada

Here is the living room area where the houseguests usually meet host Arisa Cox or receive tasks and messages on the large screen TV hanging above.


bbcan4-main floor jackpot theme-big brother canada


The “Jackpot” of course will be to win $100,000 plus prizes on the fourth season of Big Brother Canada, however it is surely a bonus to live in this exquisite house and compete on national television. Here is an angled look at the entire first floor.


bbcan4-high roller room-big brother canada

The “HIgh Roller” room is located where the #BBCAN3 vault used to be and features a sunken lounge where houseguests might have to make some gambles to get ahead in the game. We will see what Big Brother Canada has in store for this room but it holds a lot of potential for drama.



backyard lounge-kitchen entrance-bbcan4-big brother canadaThe backyard lounge is located right outside the kitchen doors and is a cozy place to hang out. Also in the backyard is a swimming pool off to the left of this photo, and a “disco” themed hot tub in an “actual” outdoors area where the houseguests can get some fresh air.



bbcan4-view from above-big brother canada

What do you think of the BBCAN4 house? I’m loving the details and vision art direction put into their concept of the BBCAN GRAND, especially the wall lighting and 3D ceiling details throughout.

Below is a gallery of all official Big Brother Canada house photos including a few screen caps of rooms shown on the ETCanada BBCAN4 house tour with Arisa Cox.

House tour can be seen here. ET Canada official blog can be read here.

Enjoy the BBCAN GRAND and feel free to comment!


BBCAN Grand is Revealed! #BBCAN4