BB16 – Swimsuit Edition

Swimsuit photos were released today with the BB16 house guests showing off their “beach ready” bodies.

There is plenty of abs work going on with the men, Devin and Cody in particular are sporting “6-packs,” while Donny remained modest with a t-shirt. The girls looked cute in both one and two-piece suits and Jocasta continued her “bow tie” trend having one to match her swimwear and mom-of-3 Brittany showed us all how to drop the baby weight.

The mens group photo caused a stir on Twitter due to some sloppy photo editing including Frankie and Caleb’s heads looking misplaced as well as other unusual flaws and poor lighting.

Liked: Victoria’s peacock blue two piece accessorized well with a starfish-clustered necklace.

Disliked: Caleb with his sports socks & cowboy boots. Dude needs some flip-flops ASAP, he’s in California now!

Check out the thumbnails below, click to enlarge.

Source – CBS Big Brother

BB16 – Swimsuit Edition