BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 29

Joey calls a house meeting and names Caleb as a “dictator” in front of the house guests, likely sealing her fate for Thursday’s eviction.

Today was a busy day for me as on Sundays I am on two BB16 web shows, both Armchair Superfans with Pete Monaghan and I also correspond on Evel Dick’s “Dick at Nite” webshow, so there is no screen cap summary on Sundays. That said, they do say that pictures “say a thousand words, ” and that is definitely true in the Big Brother 16 house this early in the game. Of special note, today was Nicole Franzel’s birthday which the lucky girl from Michigan got to celebrate inside the big brother house. Happy Birthday Nicole!

SCOTD (Screencap of the Day) goes to the boys of big brother 16 for showing off their athleticism in the back yard.

devin demonstrates a proper flex as the boys work out in the big brother 16 backyard. watch them live, subscribe to the feeds here.
Cody, Frankie and Devin “flex-it” in the backyard.


Check out the photos below, click to enlarge.

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BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 29

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