BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 27

The live feeds returned mid-day with the gang hanging out in the kitchen and a jubilant Donny wearing the “Power of Veto” around his neck.

The PoV was a spelling competition including some physical work going through water to retrieve letters, the person with the longest word was the winner. Donny beat out Caleb by one letter with the winning word: “SPLITTERS.” The groundskeeper from North Carolina is a definite fan favourite early on in the game of BB16 and Big Brother fans were overall happy to see him win the P0V. Caleb was targeting Donny because “everybody likes him,” and that the likeable people tend to win the game.

Head of Household Caleb interviewed the house guests in the “honeycomb” room to get a feel for who the replacement nominee should be. Joey and Hayden were the consensus likely candidates to go up against Paola with Joey being Caleb’s original alternate nomination. Caleb informed Joey there was a good chance she would be the nomination and although she took the news initially well, she had some tears in the bedroom where Jacosta comforted her.

Frankie and Zach continued to solidify their alliance making “Zankie” a popular hash tag on Twitter.

SCOTD (Screencap of the Day) goes to Jocasta who has the most exaggerated facial expressions.

Jacosta makes a funny face while cooking on the Big Brother 16 live feeds.
Jocasta cooks supper and adds a little spice.


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BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 27

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