BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 26

It was the first night of the “BB16 24/7 HD Live Feeds” and the house guests were pumped up to say hello to those of us who stayed up late to watch. There was a celebratory dance as everyone went from room to room posing for the cameras, followed by Joey and Hayden streaking nude through the house.

Romance is in the air as Caleb is smitten with Amber and talked at length about his budding feelings for her and how he doesn’t want people to think he and Amber are in a “showmance” as to him the relationship would be more meaningful than that. There were also hints that Hayden and Nicole have become close and are possibly flirting.

Caleb and Frankie are the two “Head of Households” with whispers of Paola, Joey and Donny as possible nominations.

Who will be the first “official” showmance in the Big Brother 16 house, we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow’s live feed action brings.

SCOTD (Screencap of the Day) goes to Zach for being the life of the party and encouraging most of the night’s mischief.

Zach Rance gives a shout out to his mom on the Big Brother 16 24/7 live feeds. Subscribe here and watch live!
Zach wearing one of the girls sequined headbands from the BotB competition.


Check out the photos below, click to enlarge.

View Joey and Hayden streak through the BB16 house here.

BB16 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 27

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