BB16 House Photos – “Urban Treehouse”

Expectations are high for the newly renovated BB16 Big Brother USA house after fans of the TV franchise were treated to a glossy hi-tech BBCAN2 Big Brother Canada home. The bones of the BBUSA house have remained the same since BB6, limited to cosmetic “surface” renovations and fans online have been demanding more changes.

The wait is officially over as CBS has released images of the Big Brother 16 house. Although it’s the same structure, the designers went all-out with a bright & colourful “urban treehouse” theme that is sure to awaken the senses of the new cast. A treat for live feed subscribers is that the BB16 house has been wired for high-definition cameras, something fans of the reality TV franchise have been requesting for a few years.

Let’s talk a little bit about the pro’s of this new set. It’s fun and whimsical with an HoH room shaped like a bird’s nest. I also like how the designers incorporated their vision to the walls and ceiling, much like we’ve seen in other international BB houses. ie: the clouds on the living room walls. My favourite spot if I were a BB16 house guest would be the area outside the HoH room where the chess table is, I would be doing some scheming up there while spying the action in the kitchen below.

BB16 "Icy" Have Not Room
BB16 “Icy” Have Not Room

The biggest con about the new BB16 house has to be that it is the same house! When is CBS going to re-build a new Big Brother house? The franchise is after all their top rated summertime program. I also don’t like the bedroom decor, especially the “campfire” bedroom which has a clashing color scheme unpleasing to look at.

Included is a gallery of the official Big Brother 16 house photos. Take a look around and let me know what you think of the new decor. Which bedroom would you choose, is this your favourite BBUSA house and how about that icy looking “have not” room?

Source: CBS Big Brother 16