BB16 House Guests Revealed

It’s finally time to meet the house guests for Big Brother 16 and see the little “hamsters” we will be rooting for (and jeering,) on our 24/7 live feeds. There was a lot of speculation in the online community with social media rampant with rumours this cast would be full of veterans from previous seasons, but instead we were gifted by Kassting with 16 new faces.

Let’s meet them all, photos and partial cast bios posted below while full bios can be found on the official CBS Big Brother page. When the season begins, you will get to vote as “Team America” and make your fan impact on the game so check them out. Cast video interviews will also be posted at a later date but remember the best way to get to know the house guests is to subscribe to the 24/7 Live Feeds and see how they really behave when they think we aren’t looking. (Subscription links in the sidebar and below this article.)

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