BB15 Live Feed Screen Caps – June 27th

BB15 Andy – Screen Cap of the Day for June 27th

June 27th was all about two things on the Big Brother 15 24/7 live feeds: 1.hating on Elissa, the current #1 target and 2.girls fighting over who gets what boy. Aaryn made an early claim to David, however there was an intense territorial battle between Jessie and Kaitlin over Jerokee (Jeremy the Cherokee.) In the end Kaitlin won and Jeremy enjoyed some hanky panky at bedtime. Elissa bonded a little with Helen who seems to want to be her friend and McCrae along with Amanda settled into his HOH room for intense meetings over whether or not he should use the POV which he won.

You can view the BB15 live feed screen caps I was able to catch for June 27th in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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