BB15 Live Feed Screen Caps – July 16th


Jeremy decided to do some last minute campaigning today in the Big Brother 15 house, with a lot of encouragement from Aaryn who realized she’s at a huge disadvantage losing another ally. Kaitlin feeling low about Jeremy leaving Thursday had a “why bother” attitude which upset Aaryn who was trying to motivate her friend to not give up.

McCrae, Amanda, Jessie and Judd continue to struggle on slop as HNs with McCrae particularly grumpy. Luckily for the group, Amanda is savvy in the kitchen and has thought up a few slop recipes including fried guacamole-slob balls.

Otherwise it was more “fun in the sun” as the BB15 house guests enjoyed a beautiful day in Southern California. Enjoy the screen caps, which one is your favourite? -Cat @Catvanzyl

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