BB15 Live Feed Screen Caps – July 11th


It was a busy night on the live feeds after Nick was evicted against Aaryn’s HOH intentions. Helen won HOH and the house was tensely divided with Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy and GinaMarie left out of the loop and visibly stunned.

GinaMarie was inconsolably hysterical about Nick’s “blindside” eviction. She immediately donned his blue baseball cap, carried around his drinking mug and sobbed into his red/white sports shorts for hours culminating in her setting up a shrine near her bed of any items Nick left behind. Note: It has since been discovered in the Twitter community that the cap is actually McCrae’s and the sports shorts were David’s. GinaMarie is as of July 15th not aware that these precious possessions of hers are not Nick’s.

Amanda faced Jeremy’s intimidation tactics, staring at him eye to eye in the kitchen and eventually the betrayed house guest calmed down realizing his best chance was to play nice in the Big Brother house. Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie however remained catty, at one time committing further racial slurs against Candice and throwing her mattress and pillows on the floor. Fiery Candice had to eventually be carried out of the room by Howard who was also visibly shaken by the “ghetto” mockings. Howard demonstrated incredible strength holding back his temper and calming Candice through prayer.

Lots of screen captures for you to view below. As always, let me know your thoughts. – Cat @Catvanzyl

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