All About That Jase – #BBCAN4

BBCAN4 Jase Wirey Wild CardTwitter exploded last night as photos of international Big Brother TV alumni were leaked onto the official Big Brother Canada website. In fact, the #BBCAN4 hash tag was trending from all the fan commotion, 9 days before the it’s premiere. One name in particular caused a stir as many Big Brother Canada fans tweeted: “why Jase?” Jase Wirey is not a player most fans would consider iconic. What Jase Wirey is, is memorable and divisive, which is likely why he was cast as one of 4 international “wild cards” who Big Brother Canada fans can vote to enter the BBCAN4 house on March 3rd.

Personally, I’ve had two servings of Jase and didn’t like his game play. I found him narcissistic and over confident on both seasons 5 and 7 of BBUSA. He may or may not be a great guy, but I would rather see Big Brother Australia winner Tim Dormer be voted in as BBCAN4’s international male “wild card” candidate. You can officially vote for your “wild card” choices HERE.

Below is a collection of live feed screen caps collected from BB5 and BB7 so those unfamiliar with Jase can get a glimpse of his persona. Be forewarned that Jase was very comfortable being naked in the BBUSA house so some photos show a lot of skin, not to mention other parts.

Jase – BB5

Jase – BB7 (All Stars)